Sunday at the Flea Market

Along with such Midwestern items as corn, and cow hides; you can buy quilts at the Kane County Flea Market.:D They are not hand-pieced and probably imported from India or China, but that makes them very affordable-- and I liked this one a lot :D The next time I go back I will budget for more for Christmas presents!

 I did not buy the fishing net below, though I considered it--it's bigger than J usually uses and the net string felt a little brittle, but it was pretty:

I did get him a stone--agate? Jasper? to use in making a box lid of some kind:

It's about 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches. There was also a dragon, eating a "meal":

It was such a nice day that  Akutenshi and I mostly just wandered around, looking at stuff, and then afterward we went to the "All Chocolate Cafe" in Geneva, which has giant chocolate sculptures; including a tree in the center of the store, made from 1000 pounds plus of chocolate. I'm not sure that is the best use of chocolate, but it was interesting. Here is a life-sized "Eros" of chocolate:

The small sign warns you not to touch or "lick" the statue, and I wasn't tempted to do's like butter sculptures... I am sure it's fun to make something out of a clay-like food, but in the end the butter or the chocolate probably should have gone into croissants or something. We went afterwards to a really good Italian restaurant on Rt. 38, Riganato. They make the french fries in olive oil and they are the best thing ever. It was a fun day, and neither laundry nor mowing got done. :D


  1. I need help - the dragon looks like a perfect yarn ball holder to me!

    1. It probably would be, and even better if you could close the jaws enough to trap the yarn inside it's mouth and spool it out as needed. Maybe this is a product someone needs to develop :D


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