Cat Beds

It's been cold here for May--we had a freeze warning last night and my peppers and tomatoes look unhappy. The cat doesn't like it either--I found her yesterday on top of the heater vent in the kitchen, so I took a heating pad and set it up so that she couldn't stick a claw into it, or see the cord, and put it under her favorite nap spot in the dining area. Then I set her down on it:

Stripey thinks something is weird here...but then, she decided it was Really Great:

And that is where she spent most of the afternoon, until I got the Soom box in the top photo, and then that was much more interesting:

That is a very realistic pet doll :D


  1. An Iplehouse Panther Bengal Cat!

    1. She is the right size! I would have to pay a fortune for that custom stripey body blushing though :D


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