Wigs and Weigela

Yes, it's another ounce of the suri alpaca, and it's creator...I don't really know what to do with these adorable photos--I can't throw them away, they are too cute. The hair in this pack is a lot less flyaway and holds together better than the white, for some reason.

 I am still working with the white. I had enough to make an entire size 8 wig and there is still a lot left over--I think I will try felting the rest over a net base and make a small fairylike "waistcoat" out of the remainder. But the wig I am working on still needs a bit more strands on top to cover the felted base, and then some little tiny paper flowers where the blue is stitched in. The base is a small-mesh nylon net and will need some hot glue applied to the inside so the whole wig won't slide off, since there is no elastic.

(You can see on the left that there is still a lot of alpaca remaining to be used)

Today activity was mostly yard work; and my weigela is blooming. It's a Midwest native, and if I had know how great it was I would have bought a lot more of it; I just need to find more sunny spots for the bushes. Even without the blooms, the bush is quite handsome.

There is a bigger version of this here if you need wallpaper!