Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fantasia Corset and Tea Dyeing

I am working on a wig from some of the alpaca--I managed to weft a good bit of it, but I put the locks too close together and now it is ..heavy. I am hoping to counterweight it with some beads in the front once it's filled out. The wig cap is nylon net and it is a bit slippery too, though it's easy to get the needle in and out. You can still pull off fibers from the ends, so the next one I make I may try braiding the locks or some other way to keep the fibers in the wig. The top of the wig here is felted and it does indeed love to felt. It makes a good base for the fibers on top.

I also have a small Fantasia body corset going:

The labels help me remember which side is the "fashion side" and which piece is which AND which way is up. The gray is the lining and the test-fit I did of the piece in the center of the photo (1/2 of the corset lining) looks like it should fit OK. I haven't decided if I want it to lace in front or in back yet.

(The paper here is not quite flat--if you want to reproduce the pieces, you will have to count the 1/4 inch squares. the seam is about 1/4 inch as well.)

Tomorrow hopefully I can get it all sewed up (I also cleaned some carpets outside today since it was clear and hot).

Finally, a tea-dyed napkin:

The brown one is dyed, it had some stains and was from the Flea Market (25 cents) but it's linen and pretty. The recipe I used was a quart pot of boiling water, and about 1/2 cup old stale tea leaves (dry), then 5 minutes of stirring, then 2 Tablespoons salt, 1/4 cup vinegar, a bit more stirring, a cold water rinse and then a few minutes in the dryer with just it and a rag. The rag got some tea stains as well. Hot water and bleach are supposed to reverse the "dye"-- so it's hand wash in cold water for whatever I make with the napkin.

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