Dollshe Classic Returns

These guys are back! I had forgotten how cute they were. You will wait ages but they will come eventually. :D

I have a lot of doll stuff going on, but I am also trying to get ready for winter so I haven't posted every day, though I am still working on Pele and am excited to share photos. Hopefully I will have some later tonight!


  1. Wow, I thought they broke the molds for those guys. The people who got me into bjds in the first place had a few of them as their first dolls. Amazingly long legs in proportion to the body, drove me nuts the first time I made pants for them long distance. Still handsome after all these years.

    1. Mr. Dollshe probably scanned them and then re-did them digitally--that is how he is doing those scaled down versions of his newer sculpts. I like the proportions of the old guys, they weren't quite the tanks the new full-sized guys are!


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