Random Sunday Photos

The bees are working extra hard to stash away pollen for the winter. I planted a lot of things that are late bloomers just for this reason, but the dahlias haven't set any flowers--they went in late, though. I might do some squash next year just for the flowers...some of the things I planted this year were meh, like Bergamot. It grows fabulously here in the wild and mildews horribly in my yard.

The morning glories look great. I always wish I had planted more, but they are fussy about location. They like compost and sun and I haven't got a lot of sun. The bees like these too:

They don't really like their photos taken but they are hungry enough this time of year to let me get close:
(That is mint that this bee is on) We have lots of other bugs--I kind of like the cicadas, they have a cool paint job, even if they don't look too bright:
I think the cat is looking forward to it being a little cooler so we can spend more time outside:

We have these guys outside so the cat prefers adult supervision when she goes out, and I am OK with that.

Even though she is a lot bigger than this guy.


  1. I just got a warning from a friend about the huge hawk outside the library door. He blew in all scorched from the big fires and seems to like the library. He is so dark still I can't get anything but a blur of him on the phone cam. Is it my imagination or is that chair getting smaller? Stripy cat is looking large, LOL!

    1. Eventually he will need to eat some mice, but how cool... the fires are really hard on wildlife. Stripey cat has a bit of middle aged spread now, like us all:D


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