The Return of Linlan

Many years ago, I had a Dollzone Linlan, and I really liked her. But she was poorly cast--in those days Dollzone might actually have been using clay molds, and those suckers warp and deform after about 50 casts, and need to be redone. For one thing, Old Linlan's eyes were not even remotely the same shape, so she looked a little tipsy.

Woooo! (The file title of this photo is "Party Girls") So Linlan moved on. But I did miss her, and locally there was another doll collector who had a tan, engraved (!) Linlan that I admired at every meet I saw; and at the last Mitsuwa she came up and introduced herself and said that she was thinking of selling her Linlan. (Squeeing internally ensued). So I bought a "new to me" Linlan. I think she is the tan cowgirl version--Dollzone did not make many of her, but this version is beautifully cast and heavy. Also nearly seamless! She will get some more jewelry (she came with wonderful triangular earrings), and the metallic Volks eyes I have been saving for her (literally for years) are back in her head, looking wonderful with her tan skin. I have fabric for her as well, here is a little bit:

She looks like a phoenix to me in this incarnation, so that will be fun to work with!