Black Lily Nyer at Soom

She's actually like a Tiny Topaz! And this face paint is so full of win <3 She is one of the little fairies,
a Mini-Gem--so you would be wise to buy her clothes and eyes as well, because they are smol. More photos:

Here she is in white. I might like the gray a bit more, not sure. Full shot:

Check out the feets:

(These are the option, it looks like the basic version comes with the normal Mini Gem body)
She's very cute and I would be tempted if I hadn't just had the cold temperatures break yet another exterior pipe (and one that for years was never a problem :p ) and also have yet another external plug fail . Though to be honest, that one is probably 40 years old and was in need of replacing. To be honest, the whole electrical grid of the house should probably be stripped out and redone, and a new modern box put in, but that is..pricey. Like 20 k pricey. Especially when it also needs a new roof and the plumbing should also all be pulled out and brought up to code. Also the illegal insert fireplace removed and all the porch windows replaced. And a floor put in the "master bedroom." And actual fire code drywall put in the basement instead of ancient panelling. And the basement floor tiled.

I've probably forgotten a few things.