Mariah Mage

I'm not dead :D I have just had the worlds snottiest cold and I haven't felt up do doing the brainwork required even to write a post, but I DID test one of my friend gypsyangel's new character that will be coming out soon at She's Mariah and she comes with these gorgeous fantasy makeups!

I did do a doll thing, too-- I finished one more tiny skirt for Cat, being careful not to handle it without a lot of hand washing. It's wrapped in tissue now so it won't get cat hair on it.


  1. I know the feeling about not posting anything..colder here than usual too.
    Loved your pop-up card and I sent you one too. Somehow picked my old email list and sent it to your other first home in cgo. :( It was returned to me yesterday. I have not purchased a new bjd in ages and trying not to look at new ones - afraid I would weaken.

    1. It's hard-- especially if you have been "good" for ages!


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