Friday, January 25, 2019

Ice and a Pillow

It's cold here! But it's a dry cold. We did break another outside pipe, which will have to be replaced when Spring rolls around, and had to replace another gfic outside plug, but otherwise it's been OK. I did try to take photos last night when the ice first formed,but they were blurry from not enough light:

That is the moon back there :D I did get sort of a partial eclipse photo, again blurry from being hand held, and it was around 4 degrees so I didn't feel like standing around:

A rare double moon :D

Since I have had The Cold, I have been going through pillowcases--I thought of buying more but they are fairly expensive, so I took some stretchy polyester that I bought from and made a slightly oversized, stretchy pillowcase that I can wash easily. And it's super soft without the fuzziness of a flannel pillowcase :

It matches none of my sheets, but at this point I don't care. The lights are off at night anyway.

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