Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bark Moth (and flies)

I have no idea what kind of moth this is (a hawkmoth?) He's just an awesome moth, especially disguised as an oak tree.
K and I went down to the local cafe because K wanted to use the wifi. We used to get BLT sandwiches there on bagels and I would get eggs and bacon and spinach for breakfast, but then we noticed the bacon was getting skimpier and skimpier, and then the owner re-did the menu to get rid of all the meat and sell just ice cream and vegan things. It turns out that the ice cream is actually frozen yogurt. K said the first day we looked at the new menu "Where the meat at?" The coffee is still good. (Fair Trade coffee). As we sat the owner told another customer about a fly problem she had in the basement. There were a lot of flies. A whole lot. (I immediately thought "dead possum") but that was not mentioned. She took her vacuum cleaner and vacuumed up the flies. Here I am nodding in approval--I do this to get rid of wasps inside. But then instead of stuffing a bit of paper in the hose and waiting a day or two, she OPENED the vacuum cleaner to change the bag, and of course the flies, a bit dazed but not much the worse for wear, came pouring out. It was fly Bastille Day. And since she was not expecting this, she somehow managed to wedge the vacuum bag into the vacuum itself sideways, so she couldn't close it. So she took the whole vacuum outside across the street to the woods and kindly released all the rest of the flies.

If they had been my flies there would have been a piece of duct tape across the bag opening and then the trash, but I am not nice to flies, and I eat bacon.

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