It's a living..

K went to Philadelphia for a show, and was sitting in Rittenhouse square when a homeless guy came up and asked if he could share the bench. K said OK ("I didn't get a "creepy vibe" from him, and he didn't smell") so they sat for a minute and the man said that it was hard to sleep in the grass in the park, because of dogs "They come up and sniff me, and I know what they are thinking of.." and then he went on to tell some jokes, some of which K said, were pretty funny and well delivered. He had a little tada at the end of each one. After a few minutes he mentioned an interest in some McNuggets, at which point K (who never gives money to anyone) dug around and presented the man with a 5, which pleased him. After a "thank you" he ambled off, presumably in search of either the McNuggets or another gig. Comedy may pay the rent, but it's not an easy life.

Weather today is perfect--sunny, not hot.