K hates coupons. All day, people bring expired coupons to the checkout at BJ's, and say "See if the machine will take it" when in truth, it's the clerk that tells the machine to take a coupon, not the other way around. So K has to explain they can't take it, and if they get rammy, to go see the Membership desk about it, which they seldom do. So yesterday a man comes in with a microscopic coupon. It's doll sized, the size of K's thumbnail-- but K has good eyes, and it has all the information needed, and it's a good coupon--15.00 off if you buy some huge amount of stuff, which the guy has. So K calls over the Front Line Supervisor, and they decide to take it. The coupon gets taped to a bigger piece of paper before it goes in the drawer. Later someone discovers that the "coupon" is the reduced version of the real coupon inside the BJ's flyer, the tiny promo on the cover that says "Look inside for these great deals!" So they swap it for the full size coupon. K says the best coupon ever was when B and a friend went to a pet food store near Rittenhouse square, and the lady behind the counter was "super pregnant" and she looked at B and said "do either of you live close? Because if you would go home and bring me back a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I'll give you 5.00 off the cat food. So B raced home, made the sandwich, brought it back and got 5.00 off the cat food.

The guy with the book above is a Delf Moon, his former owner had him painted up as a goth band member, complete with stubble. With me he has to settle for being an alchemist, but he doesn't seem to mind. I might repaint his eyebrows, though.