Wednesday, June 15, 2011

While You Were Sleeping....

...something got updated. A couple of days ago I staggered out of bed, got my coffee and sat down to discover that I could browse to Google's main page, and that was it. None of my bookmarks worked. Now a long time ago I had something similar happen, and after clearing out all my cookies and starting over, that seemed to fix it. But this time after managing to pry the Secret Cookie Location out of Firefox, and removing all my cookies (I keep hardcopy of all my Internet pass and screen names in case I have an oops, which I seem to do frequently), still no joy. I had upgraded a couple of weeks ago to Firefox 4, and discovered all my fonts were either tiny or some freaky 1970's movie font. I settled for tiny.
Now I decided that it must have been AVG that updated, and then AVG thought that Firefox4 was UP TO NO GOOD and not safe and therefore only the Google start page was allowed for my Internet browsing. So I uninstalled FF4 and went back to 3. Fonts now display normally and AVG has gone back to scanning at inconvenient times, scolding me about logging onto my bank, and reading all my email v e ry s l o w l y. And I can get back into my sites again.

The doll above is a DollZone Celine that was a gift from my friend C. She's made up like a Bollywood actress in a tiny sari and looks very much the diva, though I am planning on putting her on a taller body (her default body is small for that magnificent head).

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