Silly hat on a pretty girl

My friend C had this doll, an Iplehouse Yur Astrologer. It used to belong first to Arianne, (I think) who did this pretty faceup to replace the default faceup, so she could sell it to E. E decided that the faceup was just too sweet for her character, and sold the doll to C. C said that while she liked the doll, it just didn't cooperate with her, so she did a combo of a trade and sale to me, but kept the Chimera parts (Yur has a "cat" persona, with a tail, claw hands and feet, and a kitty head, none of which I needed.) I did get her certificate and box though, which made me very happy. Of course I can't leave well enough alone, so after I took a set of photos of her, I took off Arianne's faceup and put my own fairly inept one on instead, which has the advantage of looking happy, as well as looking like a 6 year old applied her makeup. I have trouble painting faces--it's its own art form. Bobbie Brown would do awesome faceups. I do not.

There is something about bobbles that makes me smile. No serious garment (or lamp) has bobbles.