I have a friend, T, who teases me about my doll hobby. Now it turns out that T is getting into a hobby even more esoteric (and maybe more creative) than dolls--T is doing "haunts". This is apparently where you convert your lawn into a Halloween-themed art installation, complete with sound, lights, and motors. Another mutual friend is "putting junction boxes in his lawn, this is serious shit." Haunt enthusiasts sculpt elaborate tombstones out of styro and make moss out of dryer lint (is there anything dryer lint cannot do?). T wants to make an obelisk, as there are plenty of plain gravestone creators but not many obelisks. T also has "the only light-up gargoyle in the neighborhood." The gargoyle is so cool I always thought it should stay up to be part of the later nativity scene, perhaps sitting by the light-up camel.
I told T there will be no more talk of "creepy dolls" if there is zombie and gravestone manufacturing going on at T's house. I might even be willing to lend some eyes.