How America Cooks

K brought home raisins from BJ' everything from BJ's, the raisins were HUGE. They were the size you would expect a raisin to be, actually, if you look at grapes in the grocery store. Which makes me wonder where all these tiny grapes are that get put in the California Raisin boxes that I buy--they must be like wine grapes, the little decorative ones. Maybe people prefer them small for cooking?

Later K and I went to the mall for ice cream. We were originally just going to get ice cream for dinner, but decided we should probably eat something like real food first, so I got a small burger at Burger King. It was less than 2.00 and was plenty for a meal. I understand why people live on fast food. No cooking, less than a school meal, and in the burger's case, it was just lettuce, tomato, a little hockey puck of protein and bread..not amazing but enough to keep you alive for half the day unless you were doing heavy work. No dishes to wash, saving water and time. While we were eating, K was talking about celebrities, and Clint Eastwood came up. K said that Eastwood was cool because he did a recipe for "Cooking with the Muppets." It was called "Spaghetti Western" and as K said, "had ingredients only Clint Eastwood could afford" like artisanal cheese and fresh noodles and herbs. I said that maybe Snooki from the "Jersey Shore" should do a recipe that people would actually cook. Like frozen pizza. She would have to dictate it to the copywriter, though:
"You go to the grocery store and you get a pizza, the kind in the red and green boxes are the best, it's Di something..I don't know. Anyway, you take it home and you turn on the oven REALLY HOT like 400 or something and then take the pizza out of the box and slide it in just on the rack and take off all the cardboard stuff or it gets weird. And then you cook it until it gets really hot and bubbley but not too long or it will get all burned and gross. Then turn off the oven and take it out with a spatula because it's like REALLY HOT and you need to wait a couple of minutes before you eat it or it's like OWWW!! " (Shot of Snooki holding a pizza slice on a plate, "thumbs up" on the other hand)"
Unlike 90% of other celebrity recipes, I have actually cooked this one.