Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Great Cravat Shortage of 2015

Progress continues on the crew of the Artemis, though we have still a cravat and hat shortage (stocking, too)

Not shown: the ship's surgeon was missing her head (I think it's in a small box downstairs, but I haven't looked yet), the Master Gunner and the Carpenter also have no clothes, the Purser and the clerk are also in modern stuff and have no idea what is in store for them.

But here, from left to right is:

Ship's master Julian Scot (Granado Fabio)

Tilly, Cabin Person (former London pickpocket) (Iplehouse Leona)

Captain Davon Aldwood, Viscount Mulgrave (Granado Davon)

First Lieutenant Andrew Coppersmith (Granado Xavier)

Ship's Boatswain Consuelo Carvalho (a panthera, a non-human species) (Soom Epidia/Resinsoul body)

Second Lieutenant William Keppel (Nephew to the famous Augustus Keppel)(Granado Guilem)

Admiral Lord Thomas Pickering (here severely underdressed) (Simply Divine Alec/Resinsoul)

Midshipman Jack Barnett (Granado Terra)

Midshipman Christopher Kipling (Impldoll Plaice)

Able Seaman Bird (just Bird). (Soom Tremo)

Look how pleased Coppersmith looks to have some pants at last:

(Thank you, Rajendora!)


  1. Your dolls looks amazing :)
    (I followed the link from your signature from DoA)

    You doll's story does it take place in 'the real world' or a made up world?
    And where do you find their outfits? Or do you make it yourself?

    I'm asking because one of my doll stories takes places in the 1657 in the Caribbean with pirates and wars between England and Spain. It's the 'real world' but changed to fit my dolls. So far I'm mostly finding clothes from Iplehouse but I'd love to be able to find clothes for my dolls in other shops too.

    1. Well it's an Alternate Universe Royal Navy c 1760 since about half my doll crew are Soom Fantasy creatures :D I think the Maya are still in charge of Central America and the Dutch run Neuw Holland and Atlantis exists but..yeah, otherwise pretty normal ;)
      Yours sounds so cool! Mostly you just need breeches, and cuffed coats (which Iplehouse has); the waistcoat was introduced from the Turkish Court to Charles II in 1666 (Samuel Pepys). I do sew some of my stuff but luckily Sewing Box Designs loves period doll clothes too so she makes some of it also. If you sew and are fairly experienced this is a great book--
      Otherwise your best bet is to commission what you need!


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