No Polliwogs :(

On Saturday I tested the pond with my new Pond Strips, and the ph was right, so I went to the Aquascape place and buy this year's dozen polliwogs to swim around the pond and, hopefully, grow up to be cute frogs. But when we arrived at the store, the fountain was turned off-- and the sign read "Tuff Sheds", which I had no interest in. Apparently being able to sell things only 5 months of the year wasn't a viable business model for the koi place; but now my options for polliwogs are very limited.

So we went to the nursery on the other side of town that sells koi and koi support systems as well as plants; and they had a bucket that contained 3 dead polliwogs and one very lethargic one. Since the teenage sales associate had turned off all the filters and bubblers for the whole row of pollywogs, crayfish and koi, I felt that probably no one should come home with me, since their survivability was dubious. (I did get them to turn the power back on). I still need to check Petco Aquarium Adventure, but I am not sure they have frogs. At least I can get a snail or two and some mosquito fish, but they aren't as fun as the frogs. That Petco has a great staff for fish, though--the aquariums are clean and bright and the fish are lively.

Bonus picture of J at Bass Pro Shops, which has an ENORMOUS fresh water aquarium in the main store and a tropical reef in the adjoining bar. No frogs, though--just rubber ones.