The Flea Market

It was a gorgeous day, so Akutenshi7 and I went to the Kane County Fairgrounds, home of the weekend flea market. The weather was perfect, so the flea market was jammed full of, basically, the stuff from every garage and estate sale ever. I wished I had brought a wire cart with me, because if I had, I would have bought more. As it was, I bought a galvanized tub, a set of napkins and a tablecloth (pretty much like what I made J's Admiral costume from), a Monster High Catty Noir (no clothes, no box, but WITH her tail), a hand drill for J, a present for Mom, a doll chair, a bunch of stamped leather, and a tiny My Little Pony from this guy:

He was pushing them to raise money for Special Olympics and he had a whole bag of the tinies, some with dire hair. I did resist this:

I also walked fast past this table:

I also skipped the sd sized anchor, the Nigerian statues made of ebony, the small tourist tiki (also of some dark wood, maybe ironwood), and an aluminum baker's rack, and a pie, because we were out of hand room at that point and the car was far away.

On the way back we made a detour past the Hindu Temple:

And, to finish off a really great day, J took me to the Brasilian restaurant. So Much Fun.


  1. I want that thing with the gears, whatever it is :) And your Hindu Temple makes ours look like a wannabe.

    1. That fancy part isn't even the main building--it's quite a splendid place! The machine was some kind of grinder, all I can think was that it had a bunch of different attachments you could put on, buffers, grinders. etc. They had an SD scale anchor that I really wanted but I didn't want to pay 65.00 for it nor carry it around the market afterwards. You should have seen the Star Wars toys, too...I think not even George Lucas has that many laying around.


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