Toto, Toes and Petunias

I painted up my Simply Divine Toto! He's so cute--he'll have to wait a while for a body though; I would like a small one for him, like a Granado Terra body. Those are Ersa Flora eyes, too!

I also worked on a pair of Nephelin toes I got from AnchixDPix, she did most of the blushing and here I am just sort of touching up chipped spots and adding the twining vine things. Once the rest of the doll is together she will look a lot better--cheesedemon88 painted her head.

In the back you can see Simply Divine Alec is finally getting a paint job too--it's been over 8 months he's been waiting, but it's been too cold until now.

And as promised, the Home Depot petunias! For some reason they do a lot better here than they ever did in New Jersey--they seem to like the heavy clay soil.