Granado's Venus

Here she is, still a work in progress, but already someone I could have plans for :D. She also looks slightly familiar though I can't quite place her.

I missed posting yesterday because I have a couple of projects going, and I wasted a lot of the day driving in Malaysia, playing the MapCrunch game. MapCrunch hooks up to Google Street View and randomly picks a landing spot for you, and then you have to use the road signs to find your way to the nearest airport. There are no prizes or anything. (J found this a little baffling as to why I would spend three hours and a lot of swearing trying to weave my way through construction in Kuala Lumpur to find an airport, when I wasn't even going to get a score.) Somewhere there is a scored version, but I cheat and transfer my coordinates to Google Maps at the beginning, so that I can move myself down long highways faster. For one thing, my cache fills up and then Chrome freezes. So far the most fun I had was going from Tres Valles in Veracruz State, Mexico, to Heroica Veracruz where the "aeropuerto" is. It was partly because around Tres Valles there is a lot of fun stuff to see, but also because I can read enough Spanish to enjoy the shop signs and other incidental writing. There are flowers everywhere. The most boring "trip" was Latvia, where I got put down right next to the airport; so instead I went into Riga and puttered around the city center, looking at historic buildings. Then I got totally lost in Finland, and then remembered that I needed to go to the grocery store and do some other things than virtual touristing.

So we went to Ikea, where I had considered buying a chest of drawers to cut down on the amount of stuff I have in Tupperware. After wandering around Ikea for an hour or so, I didn't buy a chest of drawers, because I didn't want to spend nearly 200 dollars and still have to hump two huge boxes AND then screw everything together. So we just bought a shower curtain. It is, however, an awesome shower curtain:

And we did go to the grocery store, too. I still need to go back to Finland and start over; it's challenging because it is flat, there is nothing but forests and lakes and the road-- and a lot of signs for places I was not familiar with; and you just drive forever hoping for a sign that says "Helsinki" somewhere.


  1. She reminds me of an Iplehouse girl, Carina maybe?

    OMG you win the shower curtain wars! A ship Toile de Joue? That's awesome!


    1. Maybe..though I think maybe it's a model I am thinking of (a human) :D Yeah, I love that shower curtain! I was ready to settle for a plastic one... but there it was!!! It's a shame they wear out!

    2. No so fast, if it's canvas type (usually 'duck') buy a bottle of acrylic floor wax, thin it with a LITTLE hot water in a bucket and dunk that puppy until it's saturated, then hang it to dry as straight as possible. You're basically making oil cloth without the oil. It works to prevent mold and makes them last longer. My mom was a freak for acrylic floor wax, she'd paint the house in it and nothing ever got moldy or dirty (for long) and you can just clean up with a little vinegar and water. Even high mineral content water won't stick to taps slicked with the acrylic wax straight out of the bottle.


    3. ooo, the acrylic wax on the taps is an especially wonderful tip (and yes, we have a lot of limeston/calcium in the water here!)


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