A Small Russian Dragon

I happened to go over to look at BJD news, the Russian doll site, and Sophie Roy posted this photo and news item:

News of the baby dragon, which just before the author told here. "Dragon-donut by the way, once abraded heavily and tomorrow goes on the road - Peter Andrei Korchagin, who was pouring me a circulation pu chameleon. Presumably dragons will cost 12 thousand (White Blank, glass eyes, gluing all receivers natural suede, packaging), 13 (+ Blush), 15 (+ signature). will sell only ready (without pre-order) first and foremost on the mailing lists. If you want to get on the mailing list - send me an email maria.zhukova84 (Shin Bet) gmail.com marked "want mailing list dragons." Source - Learn author. Photos Tony Yashkov

Look at that dragon's cute little toes! Squee! I assume the price is marked in rubles, btw.