Friday, November 20, 2015

Super Gem Head on an Impldoll Female Idol Body

It does fit, but just barely..she can't move her head at all. If I was going to do this for myself I would first get the NP skin (This body is Realskin), and then sand the neck down a bit--I think it's really intended for Iplehouse heads ;) Also I would restring the body--Idols are strung super tight and I think that is hard on a valuable head, not to mention the joints of the body itself. Otherwise the proportions are quite good--Galena, Cuprit and Onyx and Dia are all larger heads of the old Super Gems and should look fine on this body. The female Idol isn't as good a poser as the Male Idol, but I like how tall it is. This particular body has homemade ankle balls, and so far no head. It's kind of handy, but I do keep her put away as I think J is not fond of having the headless bodies out. Headless Laurel has no opinion. :D

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