Nalisinko makes these amazing outfits for Super Gem girls--she has an Etsy and can make things to order, but I think that she only does a few in one style, and then changes it up. In the past she has just done pieces for the Old Super gem body, I think she does clothing now for other dolls-- but I tend to notice the older Soom dolls more in her photos. Here she is at work:

And a few more pieces:

(And yes, there is an Iplehouse Carina there).


She has a fun Tumblr blog too, with some of her "In-progress" pieces and travel photos:


  1. What an amazing fashion artist!


    1. I love that she has such a distinctive style! Usually I can spot her work in a photo just from the way she uses embellishments. Her one-off pieces are fabulous.


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