All The Hats

And All The Bows:

I will spare you the veils because I am not fond of them--I would render them and there were either hairs sticking through them, they had placement errors, or other headaches. I still love the Hat and will render it in the future (and make more textures for it), but I think my veil-making days are over.

I learned all kinds of neat things making these--including how to make a hat glow in the dark :D. "Raven" glows in the dark; which makes up for that hat being my problem child--I spent an entire day trying to hook together the narrow band of "bone" texture around the edge of the crown (you can see it above the Bow in the render of the Raven Bow) where it crossed the back seam, and I finally gave up and put a textured black band there instead. The brim lace was also a PIA and finally I just drew a feather over the seam and that actually worked to disguise it.

Now I have to write up the file lists and do the promotional images, which I am not really good at. Type is involved, too. :o