The Flower Box

Andy made a set of hatboxes for Poser, and they are fun--the lids actually open, for one thing! She offered to let me texture them, and since they were simple shapes I thought they would be easy--and mostly they are. The biggest technical challenge was doing the shiny stripes on the side, because on the texture map they vary from quite thin to fairly wide, maybe because the box was made by extruding a cylinder and then stretching it to make an oval, so the mesh is denser on the curved ends.

I already had roses from Costco, so I just did an overpaint of a photo in Art Rage:

And then did some color correcting in Photoshop.:

I ended up adding a couple of ferns as well. The vignette around the side roses is based on this comb by Lucien Gaillard:

though my version is a little spikier:

(I have a whole folder of jewelry photos I paw over from time to time. You can never have too much jewelry in pixel form ;) )