Eyes for Halloween

Corazon's Hand Glass eyes came on Halloween from Safrin Doll, which I thought was the perfect day to get a little bag of eyes. They are close to the color of the acrylics that she shipped with, but fit much better. They are 14mm, which is big for an Iplehouse doll! Here's a better picture of the color:

Sort of a denim color, I guess--they are exactly what I was looking for! Safrin is almost instant gratification, too. I forgot to put up my Halloween costume--I was an old bat. :D

And, thank the gods, I finished the last veil for the Hat..I love the Hat, but the veils are a pain in the ass for a lot of reasons, part of which they take more memory from the computer than I think they are worth. (Transparency is a complicated calculation).

Now it's just making sure all the file names and paths are right, that everything loads, and that I have seven promo pages and about ten thumbnails of various size, and then I can submit it.