The Fairy

This cute dress-and- wing set is my next Poser project--it's made by my friend Prae (who also likes ball-jointed dolls) and who makes really excellent clothes--they have good fit morphs in them and they are easy to use. This is an older set so it's ready for some new colors, as people have used the original colors many times. I'm especially interested in the wings--the original ones are based on real butterflies, but they don't quite fit the mesh, and I want to do some more fantasy-type ones. I don't have the template yet, but I went ahead and got started on it since I was excited about it, and I got quite a ways doing virtual embroidery....

... before I decided it would be prudent to test it and see where the design was sitting on the clothes. I loaded the new unfinished map into Poser, and rendered it..and where was it? The bodice of the little dress was pink and green, just like I had painted it, but no roses? It turns out I was working on the back of the outfit!

Well, it was going to be decorated anyway. Also I could see where I needed to rescale some of the design on the side because it was stretching.

The design I am working from is fun--it was from the Galvanic Soap Company in 1914 and was a embroidery design for a shirtwaist.

I like to embroider, and doing it in Photoshop means a lot less poking myself with a needle. Also I never run out of colors. :D