Double Trouble

Immortality of Soul Infernale
Two Immortality of Soul "Infernales" joking around; one is visiting from Cat, the one on the left with the brighter tongue is mine: ("Rusty"). Cat's guy needs clothes, mine needs blushing to match his head, which was dyed NS by his previous owner. I got a lot done this weekend, cleaned out the pantry, cleaned out a closet, and sorted stuff, but I also did some small doll things as well. I put Coral the Soom Migma on a Resinsoul Lian tall body...I have one on order in some shade of purple, and it will come eventually, but here you can see the proportions are good.:

Soom Migma/Resinsoul Lian
I tried on some Soom SG jointed hands on Aelfric, the Soom Sabik--because he is larger than a Super Gem (he is an 80 cm Mech Angel) the hands are a little small, though beautifully made-I wish I had more of them but they are not cheap. Another thing I should learn to make. :o

Soom Mecha Angel Sabik

I put in some Oscar Doll Eyes into Cherie, and they look good, though I took the photo at night so it's blurry:

Magic Mirror Studios Sinead
And I worked on an outfit for Raphael the Granado Enoch, though it's still pretty WIP now:

Granado Enoch on Evol Body

It has rained so much we have ducks in the back yard.


Stripey is aghast.

a cat


  1. wow gorgeous ducks! speaking of eyes, your homemade ones are super awesome! I took them out yesterday (was eye mud plasticine?) for the time being Bunny is borrowing them. but ultimately I think they'll go to Ignim. ^^

  2. I'm not sure I remember what it was holding those eyes in--some oil-free clay I think; I ran out of the last of it recently and haven't found more. I've been using Murphy's silicon ear pillows now and that has been ok. I really like making eyes, even though they are weird looking out of a doll :D


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