Random Wednesday Photos

My purple Resinsoul Lian Body came today! My Migma head is a lot lighter, but I will put some irridescent pearl paint on her neck to help blend the two parts. Resinsoul sent her with a certificate and a really nice bag! <3

Random stuff:Here is what my brother showed me how to make--Cthulu peeps:

And a rainbow that we saw when J and I took a walk in the neighborhood. Right now I am still putting away party things, and vaccuming ants.


  1. Are Cthulu peeps made from chicken? Interesting look.
    Love the rainbow & your Migma head. Not so sure about the Cthulu peeps though..;)

    1. They are made from marshmallow peeps, but with the fronts cut with scissors to make the tentacles <3 I have no idea what happened to them after they were made, they mysteriously disappeared. :D


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