Valentine Box

It's a floating Valentines Box! Happy Valentine's Day! You can see that I am much better at painting than at making 3d objects--the box is a little crude still, but it has no holes or extra polygons. I just need to place the hearts on the sides where they belong instead of shifted sideways, and look to see that the lace on the side isn't overlapping the floor of the box. The design is partly based on a Victorian valentine design, but then I figured out how to take a flat plane and wrinkle it a bit and map it with a lace pattern, rendered it and added the render to the painted design. And since I still have the model, I just stuck it under the box (The bottom part is a mess ;)

 I got the hat made but it still has sort of strange mapping issues that I haven't solved yet-- I think I forgot to save the map and the model at the same time :p I am going to make some model chocolates and then get back to mapping the hat.