The Land of Lakes Petit Fours

See these beautiful things? I wanted to make them, not as baked goods, but as a 3d model. How hard could they be? They are a simple shape and last year, when I first downloaded Wings, I made a decent candle with the same kind of translucency. It turns out that it is harder than it looks--rendering "white" in 3d is really difficult for some reason. my first attempt looked like the Ark of the Covenant:
I didn't worry about it because the first time you use a template, there are always strange places and things you miss. So here is the next one. A bit dry looking:

Hmm, not too white either. How about some translucency and more white?
Oh look, a nightlight! Dammit so much, lets try some yellow instead to tone it down--
I can't believe it's not butter. Maybe more translucency? Some Ambiance?

WHOO RADIOACTIVE BUTTER! more fiddling and a new texture map (no 4):

...better, but still a little glowy and also not even close to the original color of the LOL Petit Fours.
Then I did this one:

And then I discovered that somehow I had saved it tilted like this, which makes it hard to use for other people, because it doesn't want to turn or rotate properly. So I deleted it, went into Wings and made a new one in about 5 minutes. (I am getting faster with Wings). I also made a plate. The plate still has the cray in some spots, but it looks mostly like a plate, and the petit four does look like a cake product, which is nice:

But it's still not as pretty as those Land of Lakes petit fours. It is very low poly though. I think if I was making a "hero" petit four for closeups I would add polygons and make the corners irregular. I also have this petit four, but J felt that it looked like limestone instead of cake. I'm not sure which I like better, but the more cakey one has no seams, and this one still does:

I have a decoration for the top, but it looks very tentacly at the moment.