Yvraine Emissary of Ynnead

See this terrifying lady? She is really only one and a half inches tall, and the best thing about her (besides the rocking outfit) is her cat! I really wanted the cat, and went to the Warhammer store, bought the only set I could find that had the cat, and opened it up... to discover it was way, way too small for me to paint. The cat could sit on my thumbnail. But I have a friend of K's who loves to paint these Warhammer guys, so I gave him the set. And then last week a little box came in the mail, and it was Yvraine and her cat--from a different set (!)--all painted up and even with tiny perfect grass and flowers. It's just so amazingly awesome! It's is so small it's actually a little hard to get my camera to focus on it properly:

 And the cat!!

The eyes on the cat are the size of the head of a pin!!
I kind of want to make a doll of her--I have the perfect person to do it with, my Swinte, who already kind of has that fierce expression.  It was SO NICE of Jacob to find and paint up these two for me!

Akutenshi is responsible for the other new toy in the house, a My Little Pony Rarity:

Among other things, I took her hair out of her barrettes and brushed it out--there is a lot of it :D

I guess those two are sort of a funny combination--Rarity towers over Yvraine! They are totally color-compatible though!

Here is the last new toy, though this one is virtual--it is Parrotdolphin's Poison, a Genesis3 figure over at Daz3d.com. She also comes in lots of colors--a virtual Frog Princess:

The setting is by Danie and Marforno and is called White Spring--it has a couple of different rooms and lights.