Spiritdoll Physalia and a Petit Four

Spiritdoll always makes lovely tall girls, and now they have come out with a sort of "Corpse Bride" Physalia. Her full set is so pretty--

Check out her "skull head" photos! Here's her measurements and what is included:

You probably need to go to the home page to see "Meow", I suspect it is a little cat figure.
Meanwhile I am still wresting with Hexagon--I managed to make a petit four,which at the moment looks a lot like a washing machine because I have not figured out how to really reinforce the box corners enough to do the rough texture of the cake with displacement--the computer wants to pull the corners out and break the box. Making the texture with polygons would mean having ten thousand polygons in a mere petit four instead of the human you would want to go with it. Other programs like Z brush seem to be able to make this more organic geometry and then optimize it, but I have Hexagon, which was free.
 Le Petit Four:

Still a way to go before I can make them look like the Land o Lakes recipe cakes, which have translucency!

But I think I know how to make the plate...


  1. have you tried this? https://www.blender.org/ I haven't so not sure how it compares to hex (which drives me bonkers)? it's also free...

    1. Blender has more features--eventually I will shift to it, but I figured the simpler, dumber Hex was a good way to get started. I've heard the latest build of Blender is pretty stable, and there are tons of videos for training. But it's also more challenging!

  2. yeah I have a friend who loves blender so much she gave up zbrush. something about hex - it's just not that intuitive for me. so many things to learn! I should just wait for a reliable and affordable 3d scanner. ;D


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