Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cheery Doll Dresses

If you have a spare 300 USD rattling around in your pocket, you can buy your Volks or Iplehouse girls some truly splendid dresses from Cheery Doll in Korea. The price does include the extras like hats and jewelry--here is sample text on the dress below:

**Item name :European Dress82-the golden age

*Including:upper garment,corset,skirt,bolero, Wristlet, Panier, choker.tiara
dress back decoration.

** Size for:E.ID-large,S.ID-large,
Volks SD9- Girl,Volks SD13- Girl,SD16- Girl(Volks),Volks SDGr- Girl,
DD-M,DD-L,DD-DY,Smart doll Standard,Smart doll m bust.

* Some of the fabrics and auxiliary materials used
It may be replaced with other ones depending on the situation.

* All clothes are produced elaborately handmade,
and please understand that it takes about 3~4 weeks to produce clothes.

Here is the dress:

Isn't that pretty? If I bought a doll a dress like this though, that is all she would wear, ever.

The website is a fun visit--the thumbnail photos look weird, but if you click on them they pop up into oversize photos so you can see the details.

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