Delf Lishes

Fairyland, who is the official site of the Cerberus Productions sculpting team (the name always makes me laugh, yes, they have a lot of heads but none of them were dogs) is set to re-release some of the sculpts that they and Luts have been hassling over. They haven't released a list of which ones yet, there is just an announcement that they will soon start making them again, and 60 cm bodies to match. I could use two more "real" Delf bodies to go under the Delf heads I have, but I think that I will need to see them first--everything gets redesigned when they get reissued.

Here are two other Lishe heads I had:

The one on the left is an older type 1 from 2005, and the one on the right is from 2010. You can see how much narrower and smaller the Luts 2010 recast is, especially around the jaw. It's not quite a fair comparison since Amethyst, the doll on the right, is a modded Dreaming Lishe. (She's had her eyes opened with an exacto knife, not by me). I did sell the Type One because I wanted the type 2 neck mechanism but now I sort of regret it. On the other hand, one can have only so many dolls.