Lee the Cute and Nanuri Heads

Lee the Cute here is a Juri '07 A (Juris are the Christmas gift heads, Nanuri are the summer gift heads); and I just saw a photo of the new Fairyland Nanuri heads--the A girl is much like a Sleeping Chloe with big elf ears, and the B boy is definitely a cousin of Lee's:

They are cute, if you like sleeping/dreaming dolls; and since they do have a small opening it's possible there is an eyewell in there for modding. To get one you need to order 700.00 or more USD from Fairyland, which is like one 65 cm Feeple and some shoes, at the rate the prices are going up. Here are the details on the Fairyland site:

2012 Nanuri Heads Event

Lee is still dragging around here waiting for Bird to arrive, so he won't be the lonely man out in all my doll crew. (I somehow managed to keep the number of boys and girls about even, as long as no one is too picky about height/odd animal parts.) Bird, aka Soom Tremo, might ship next week. I keep checking my Order Status every few hours.