Iplehouse Rosinetta Set for NYID girls

Here is Corazon (Iplehouse Rexy) doing a small interpretive dance as she models the Rosinetta set, which is a large, magnificent and perfectly fitting skirt, with a matching, slightly too small adorable top. Cora's "L Bust" just..barely..fits in there--a medium bust would be perfect, I think.


As for the lacing in the back, the fabric of the corset is a little stretchy and with some effort I can probably squeeze her into it, but I think instead I will donate the top to my slimmer Souldoll girl and make Cora a less tight top. Corsets will not change the shape of a doll, no matter how hard you pull, so there is no sense in having them be tight at all--they just need to fit and lace or button easily.

The wig Cora has on is also from Iplehouse and I love it--it is made by an outside supplier but it is very soft and fits her perfectly--it feels a bit like a rougher mohair and looks very natural and flattering for her.

I hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving, by the way--we did and I was thankful that J cooked everything and I just had a few dishes to wash afterwards!


  1. (late) happy thanksgiving to you! That dress set is tooo gorgeous @o@ I love all the lace/ribbon details!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope your day was lovely too! Iplehouse clothes are so beautifully made, I just wish they didn't sometimes run a bit small. But there is always someone here who can wear them!


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