Soom Aslan

He's the Soom Monthly Doll for November, and he's a Mega-Gem, and he has a cool wig and outfit, and a lion head and paws. I will make you go look yourself at his story, but he is cute. At the moment I am still waiting (2 months) for 2 wigs, so I think I will give him a pass.


  1. Did they just mixed up 2 stories? Aslan from Narnia and the lion from Wizard of Oz ?? XD
    He is gorgeous and I love both Narnia and Oz, and the lion head does not look tiny compared to the body as in most cases when they tried full fantasy heads, but I will pass too.

    Thanks for posting this or I probably would have never seen him

  2. They did! What a crazy mashup too! Hehe!


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