Pinkears Quilts!

I commissioned a doll quilt from Kim Morris (, and it arrived this week! Here is the package:

It's 2 foot by 3 feet (roughly) and it folded up so well--it's the perfect weight for dolls. And it's signed!

Here it is hung the other direction:

It's SO PRETTY. It's (sort of) for Zi Gui the Cuckoo Fairy, but I still need to make her matching Hanfu set to go with this. I think she might end up being one of the more exotic Cuckoos, like this Asian Cuckoo (female):

If you want to commission you own quilt, be aware you are spending the equivalent of a ball-jointed doll because of the hours involved. Though it's hard to see in the photos, the quilting stitches make delicate spirals on top of the assembled squares; it's all hand-done. And it's glorious.


  1. and it's satin? 8-O i'm impressed! so cool your dolls have quilts and blankets. mine still need clothes XD anyway can't wait to see your cuckoo fairy. hope she gets here soon! ^^

    1. My dolls get blankets before clothes half the time--it's easier to make them fit ;) Merry Christmas, too!


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