Soom Heliot Again..With Hooves!

He's BAAAACK and he is sort of new because he is on the new body, which I like a lot--it's a whippy, muscled body and fits well with his face shape. He is very tall now :D Also his paint is magnificent. If you want ALL THE THINGS you will be paying all the monies--this is with everything--human body, hooves, two heads, paint, gray option (which is always more):

Right off the bat you can save 104.00 by opting for cream white instead of gray--you'll need that money, so you can get the face painting and the hoof painting. Personally I love painting hooves--they aren't hard at all-- so if you just do the face paint on one head, that is just 60.00. You can trim the total cost down to around 800 by zigzagging through the options. I would do the horned head, the fantasy body, and face paint and call it good, because you can get the regular Heliot off the MP from earlier releases, but the horn is hard to find and the old hooves will not work on the new body. So be warned. Also get a stand while you are there. :D

The face paint is glorious.