Merry Christmas!

The art is from my new calendar, a compedium of fairy art from various artists that I love.  I tend to give everyone calendars for Christmas--I love them myself, so I naturally assume that everyone else needs art calendars so they can clip and frame the art they want to keep. There really is no downside, since if someone is meh about a calendar, it's recyclable, and it doesn't take up much room.  This year several people decided I needed calendars too, so now I am the proud owner of not only the fairy calendar, but a bird calendar,a cat calendar and a calendar of the art of Olga Suvarova . All of them will be gratefully used-- and I may try to re-create the dress on the front of the Suvarova calendar.

I've been looking at the Soom Heliot. I love that new body with the old head sculpt, and he is so well painted. The problem is that I still need various boring things rather than more resin, and Cat and I are getting the New Heliot wigs and eyes already. So I had given up on ordering Heliot The Doll. Then Cat GAVE ME AN ORIGINAL HELIOT for Christmas. Holy Cow!! His name is Clyde and he was the second head that came with Cat's Edgar, on a second Heliot body. And he is quite the babe. I first saw him in 2011 in the photos from Uncanny Dreams bjd expo. He was painted by the organizer, "Candygears"(Redd Walitzi) for Cat:

There he is, in his gilt-edged splendor. And here he is, six years later, hanging out in my living room:

He is wonderful..and he needs pants :D He's got the greatest eyebrows ever. Here's Sophie saying "You got me a Heliot for Christmas!" (Though in reality Sophie and Clyde shared a shelf at Cat's house, so maybe she is just glad to see an old friend.)

(Thank you, Cat! <3 <3)