Little Kitten Comet

Here I learned how many frames I needed to do a fade out (it's about 5) and that if you want to edit individual frames once you set up the animation in Photoshop, you seem to be out of luck. (That is why the comet tail is so bad--you can see where I clipped it off the original painting). This is about 26 frames long with each frame at one-tenth of a second, and this time I remembered to check the "loop" button. I need more kittens :D Painting is mine.
I'm trying to keep the file size under 1.5 megabytes--I can make smoother animations by adding "tween" frames, but the file size gets big fast. More than 500 frames apparently bogs down on mobile viewers in the .gif format. There is a lot to learn :D

I'm tempted to try to do some small animations in Poser now, too.