Souldoll Juno Elf

Confusingly, Souldoll also has a new "Juno" doll, though this one is in it's Kids line. I love this size of Souldoll's--I have my Shushu head on a Souldoll Kids body and it is very nice--and a good poser. The body that Juno is on is the even newer Double Kids body:

The new version looks very flexible, and the legs are a little longer, and the neck a little thinner. Here are the measurements:

Juno herself comes with 2 heads if you get the horns and the wings. The wings may or may not come with the feathers shown in the promo pix--it's not clear as the sales listing shows just the resin "bones" without the feathers.

The photos are so pretty. It's hard to remember that if you order her, she will just be a little pink thing in bubble wrap and not an instant Magical Girl in a box :D