Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Abadon Returns to Luts

And with a new, splendid suit of armor! He's a "classic" Luts doll now, but he's still a good size on a good, posable body. I had one years ago and he's got a beautiful sculpt, though mine was painted in a way he always seemed to be really put out to be living with me, so I moved him on, and his next owner repainted him ;) Here's his pretty face:

He wears wigs well--his head shape seems to keep them on--he does wear a size 9 though, so just be aware of that if you are pre-shopping. More of the armor:

Isn't that cloak stunning?
I have to thank Akutenshi for spotting this--I am way behind on everything, though I did get another box wrapped and out today. The house is a mess.


  1. On housekeeping: A good mother has a dirty oven, sticky floors, and happy children. I firmly believe that this still applies when your children are grown and live in another state.

    1. People clean their ovens? Hehe! Words of wisdom that always apply.


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