Iplehouse Vanessa

Iplehouse just released a new SID sized girl, Vanessa; and I really like her, because unlike some of the more static sculpts Iplehouse does, Vanessa's expression actually changes as you move her around:

This is something that I think Iplehouse has struggled with--they do beautiful people, but some molds, like Stella, just have that one expression no matter what angle you look at them. (It's partly because Stella's face is very symmetrical). The Souldoll sculpts that I love most often have one eye higher than the other, and a lot of other subtle mismatches that give their sculpts a lot of life and sparkle. So I am excited for Vanessa, and I wish I had lots of spare money to throw at her. I hope she will be popular!


  1. Should not have but just fell in love with the Vanessa sculpt too, so ordered her on the new thinner body. I am getting the face-up and thinking it will be January before she arrives. It is funny how some facial sculpts just makes you happy. Do wish IH wold sell their heads alone as I would have a few more of their heads.

    1. I think January sounds right--I am so tempted myself but I have SO MANY dolls I can't really justify it, especially as I need a new mattress and box springs. The cat and 15 years have worn out my current ones! I'm hoping she becomes a standard or is popular enough I can find her later!


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