Friday, February 10, 2017

Soom Nephelin Gets Reissued

Originally Soom thought to do her just as a boy issue, but then added the female body, which is nice because she is so pretty (the boy version is pretty too, I just happen to like her as a girl). There is the open eye version you see here, and also a dreaming version:

So you can sort of mix and match the heads and bodies. The only think that wasn't clear to me is the heel feet--there is a new sculpt of them available and they look great:

The fine print says they don't come with the male body, though..but they sell them on the main page as an option, and really the heel ball should fit in the boy legs (I can try it if anyone wants to know, with some old heel feet and the new Male Soom Body). The wig and outfit is also on the main page. The eyes are harder to find if you decide after the order period you want them (they are an option part), after some digging, I think they are these. Soom offers "limited eyes" in the sense that they are easier to get during the order period, but any popular eye tends to quietly show up later in the Eye section. The open-eye Nephelin takes 16mm, the dreaming eye takes 14mm.

Which reminds me I still need to get that limited Benmore eye out from under my dining room bench seat.

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