Thursday, February 9, 2017

Iplehouse Psyche

Well, this is different! I like the little fairy 47 cm body a lot, with it's slim doll-Chateau-like styling and Soom fairy feet..and adorable outfit. I also like the wings a lot. But the head..not feeling the head. I think it's because things with big eyes tend to have them more at the side, so they can keep track of predators. Psyche has them forward-facing, more like an owl:

The antenna magnet on, in case you were curious. Here is the blank:

It's possible that if you gave her more aggressive eyebrows, and found more Pullip-like eyes, she could be really cute. The human version with more hair at the sides looks better to me, because it narrows and hides the temples. I just want to put my finger behind the bridge of her nose and push out. :D Anyway, her sales page is here:
Iplehouse Psyche

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