Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oscar Eyes and Eyelashes

Iplehouse Carina
So Fabric Friends and Dolls just got in an order of Oscar Eyes, and there were lots in the 12mm and 14mm size I use the most. I also had money in the PayPal, which is always dangerous. :D These are 12mm Silver Galaxy, and in person they are so sparkly and wonderful; I will try to take more photos during the day to see if I can capture how bright they are. They also fit well in the difficult Iplehouse eyes--Hecate has slightly larger than most eyes, so some 12 mm still gap. The Oscars fit perfectly. They are nice and heavy flat-backed resin, with lots of detail you can't see in this light. Here is another shot, still pretty murky:

These have pupils, too--just a lot of glitter in front of them! I also did something different with her eyelashes--normally I glue them in with Aleen's Clear Tacky Glue like a responsible adult, but I was lazy and took tape and taped in the lashes. This is pretty easy to do--you still need tweezers to get them placed correctly inside the head, and the lashes end up pointing down rather than out--but they are so much easier to place and change out once they get smushed, as they alway end up no matter how careful you are. Masking tape is easier to use than Scotch tape for some reason.

I also repainted Lenore so she wouldn't have purple eye makeup any more--I am not sure this is better, but it is different ;)

Iplehouse Bliss
These eyes are Eyecos and they are a little too flat for her eyewells--I think I am going to try some Safrins or even the eyes Iplehouse sent with her; these sit back too far in her eye. One more photo:

Iplehouse girls look so human that when you paint them, anything you do that is weird... is how thin her eyebrows are. On something like an Immortality of Soul or a Dollzone you can just plop paint on and it's all good :D Her teeth are really cute, though. Here is the stuff for the lashes--they are lashes from Target, cut up into smaller sections with sharp scissors; then I put the masking tape on the back and worked them through the eyehole with a pair of tweezers. It's still fiddly and ridiculous and I dropped the lashes several times before I got them in the right spot! The tacky glue is there from when I thought I might glue them in, but the human lashes are so long it works better to tape them in, with the extra length inside the head.

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